February 22, 2007

"Four Corners."

Last month I put "Four Corners" on display here and opened up discussion about what it meant to everyone else who looked it over.

Some great interpretations came in through the comments field as well as in my Flickr email box. From a bug, to blood, to a black hole I'm impressed with the scale of thought people have put into looking at that little ol' piece. But updates must continue, which means new pieces must be put on display for new discussion. So with that in mind I'd like anyone who previously commented before to drop me a line here to place your vote as to whether or not you want to know what its meaning is, or if you would rather not know at all and just continue the mystery. If you want to know but but the votes don't go in your favor then no worries, I'll email you privately to clue you in on the whole deal.

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