February 3, 2007

"Moonlight Mountains."

The title isn't terribly original, I'm aware, but naming pieces is still a new concept to me. Until recently my style consisted mostly of painting for my own amusement and then putting the finished pieces into dark, protected corners someplace else to forget about them until I happened to stumble across them again.

I forgot what it's called.

This piece is no longer in my possession as it was created specifically to gift to someone else for Christmas. To my understanding she enjoyed it to a large degree; in all fairness, however, it's perfectly plausible I could have thrown a jar of paint against a clean canvas and she would have had a similar reaction because we're close friends. To either end, I'm pleased with how this one turned out.

No interpretations needed behind this one as it's simplistic in design: night time, mountains, with trippy little clouds and a trippy little moon. Where Bob Ross would make "Happy Trees" I make "Relatively Trippy Trees" I suppose. I enjoy giving a very slight ethereal edge to things without screaming "Hey look at this egotistical piece of post-modern ethereal crap!"

I can't remember the canvas dimensions (it is without a doubt the most common of sizes) but it's acrylic paint on a medium grain and done entirely with palette knives with the exception of one cloud and the base layer of the moon itself where I used a basic, cheap brush.


Emma said...
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Emma said...

What can I say? I'm simple. In defense of the artwork itself however, it is a wonderful peice. At first glance it brings a certain tranquility to the atmosphere. I'm lucky to have it in my posession.