January 25, 2007

Four Corners.

Right out of the gate I'm going to share a bit on my current-favorite piece titled "Four Corners."

Four Corners

The image is a bit blurry but the point comes across just the same. First of all, when I started painting this little piece I had a specific image in mind. Through the process of it all I realized that if I warp the center in just the right way there was a possibility that it could take one a subtle variance in meaning when it's alternated and viewed from each of the four sides.

"Four Corners" is special to me because out of a decade of painting off and on (only one year painting on a regular, fevered basis...hence the lack of "skill") this is the first item that isn't directly identifiable to those who see it. Everyone has drawn their own idea and that tickles me a bit. Without intending to, this was the first thing I made that feels like a real "art piece."

Over time I'll trackback to this post in subsequent writings to look into the various ideas brought up. How it'll work is simple: leave a comment with your interpretation on this post. Every few comments that crop up will be gathered and talked about in a later post. The trackback on each piece will ensure that even if this post is buried then it'll still be easy to get to if you want to comment to yourselves about it or add something new for me to address. At some point down the road I'll reveal what my intent was and what each of the four sides means, and ultimately why it's "Four Corners" instead of "Four Sides."

Now for the painting itself. It's a 6x6" piece of cheap canvas. Not a single brush was implemented, just one palette knife, an old pencil, and a Sharpie marker. The base layer is Vert Clair (Light Green) spread across the area then streaked outward in a radiating pattern from the center. Then I laid down the center with a Sharpie. I like using a simple permanent marker when I can because it gives a nice shine. I have various coatings I could have used over some black paint but I like to reserve those for more detailed work. With the old pencil I streaked some Phthalo Green and Burnt Sienna out along the dried streak pattern of the base and finally dotted in the two white spots. And that's that.

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