March 10, 2007

That untitled piece, and other news.

I've decided on a title for that painting of mine that a few of you made suggestions on via Flickr. They were some really nice suggestions all around but I'm taking a simple and vague route by identifying what inspired it's creation. So from hereon out it's known as "Seventeenth".

Moreover, there's going to be four more paintings similar to this. A whole series covering the different seasons. Winter and spring are almost done and I'll post those later on.

My work is somehow generating buzz, too. Apparently my aunt took a painting I gave her for Christmas into a frame shop in Traverse City and the people working there got fairly excited about it. When probed for information about the artist my aunt finally gave me up and said I hadn't been painting for very long at all. She reported that one of the women there said my situation sounds similar to that of Jack Vettriano, and my piece looked similar to some of his earliest work, before he started painting people. My aunt had no clue who Vettriano was but for me it's a pretty humbling, and wholly embarrassing compliment. I bring it up simply as way of sequeing to the fact that if you love paintings then you should really look into Vettriano's work. Edward Hopper and Jack Vettriano are two of my favorite painters. I'll never be like either of them because I'm not solely dedicated to paint, but it's still nice to wonder about sometimes.

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